Digital Transformation

Date: 22nd Jul 2015

Venue: Bleeding Heart 4 Bleeding Heart Yard London EC1N 8SJ

We’ve all talked and written about cloud for so long that it became ubiquitous almost without anyone noticing and suddenly everything is happening all the time. But the motivations for moving to cloud are many. Some companies sweat their existing assets until they break or become so costly to operate that they are almost dragged onto some form of cloud as a cost cutting measure. Others take a strategic great leap forward and most will on ramp to the cloud on a workload by workload basis. Each approach has its merits and its risks.

Often, if not always, the approach is dictated by the company’s appetite for risk or it can be driven by an unexpected threat. The big threats come from a competitor suddenly appearing and gaining a dominant position.
What makes these companies special is that their operations are totally born on the cloud – they have no depreciating assets, burst onto always available commodity priced server, network and storage and literally spin up infrastructure on an as needed basis, within reason.

Join this CBR Dining event to discover what\'s happening now to help you transition to the cloud.

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