Mapping the journey to digital disruption – legacy past, bi-modal present, disruptive future – Step 2

Date: 3rd Feb 2016

Venue: Century Club, 61-63 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 6LQ

A failure to loop back into established IT could leave big gaps in any digital transformation strategy.

Companies that fail in their digital transformation strategy will have done so because they ignore their technology heritage.

For the internal IT department digital disruption is a shifting of emphasis from running IT by focusing on managing and maintaining infrastructure to developing and deploying a business aligned technology strategy through which the application and therefore the business outcome are the focus.

This is not simple.

CEOs expect technology platform investments to provide digital commerce, mobile experience, new customer experience and true business returns in terms of revenue growth, higher customer satisfaction and recurring engagements. All while keeping up with regulatory, compliance, data security and governance requirements.

This means continuing to drive down legacy system costs, finding technology alternatives and new financial models for the delivering of infrastructure and moving to platforms that have the flexibility to drive innovation for the business and respond to changing market conditions.

The days of 80% of budget going to maintenance and 20% going to innovation have come to an end.

Explore in depth where digital transformation might take your IT department and your business and how the next generation of IT departments will drive digital transformation.

This very special CBR Dining Club with our partner NTT Communications will explore the next vital steps on the path to digital disruption. Join industry experts, an audience of your peers for an evening of fine dining and fascinating discussion.

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