Cloud Now, Cloud Futures, Shifting Enterprise Wide Applications to the Cloud

Date: 24th Nov 2016

Venue: The Ritz Hotel, 150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9BR

Fundamental business needs have pushed enterprise application software vendors to embrace the cloud. But while software vendors build tomorrow’s SAAS-based businesses, for customers, heritage is not something that can be abandoned.

This presents large end user organisations with a major challenge:
How to re-platform existing enterprise-wide application environments to the cloud?

How can CIOs untether their enterprise applications from traditional infrastructure stacks and shift to a cloud consumption model ‘in flight.’

What are the key considerations?

Start with the fundamentals:

What is the infrastructure transformation business case for the IT function?
For the wider business?

For the CIO, what are the risk implications for:

Business continuity
Data migration
Data integrity

The move to the cloud is inexorable. The agenda is set.

But for anyone with a legacy, moving long held ERP, Finance, HR, CRM and other application workloads to the cloud need solutions built on deep expertise and experience.

This CBR Dining Club with hosts NTT and NetApp and in collaboration with Accenture will explore in depth this most thorny problem.

Join us to hear from Roger Camrass, visiting professor at the University of Surrey’s .As well as delving into the problem, this event will explore the solutions at a strategic level and where applicable in services, infrastructure and technologies.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading solutions providers and to share experiences and exchange ideas with an audience of your peers on the challenges and opportunities around application migration to the cloud.

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