How IT management within financial services can own the leadership role in a time of Digital Transformation and disrupted markets

Date: 7th Dec 2016

Venue: The Savoy Hotel, Strand, London WC2R 0EU

Digital disruption is shifting perceptions of IT within the business.

The competition for ownership of transformation requires a strategic approach in order to deliver real projects to line of business peers and to gain recognition at board level.

In any disruption the competition to stay relevant is real. It cannot be ignored by the CIO and IT management.

The emergence of the Chief Digital Officer, the Chief Information Security Officer and Shadow IT are new challenges for IT.

But these new disciplines are also opening new avenues of collaboration for IT professionals.

The catalyst to move and embrace digital can be planned or can be unplanned.

It may be a proactive move by the business, for example a project to improve the customer journey; a reaction in response to a move by a competitor that requires digital delivery; a new product coming onto the market from a previously unrecognised competitor; the need for the business to expand into new markets through the establishment of national, regional or global online platforms.

The requirement can come from a multitude of areas – but what IT must have is the ability to react at speed, deliver projects in an agile manner and with a measurable business outcome.

The digital disruption being felt by business today will only expand and accelerate.

We live in a time when born on the internet rivals can emerge seemingly from nowhere and where yesterday’s closest partner is tomorrow’s biggest adversary.

This very special CBR Dining Club discussion in partnership with DELL-EMC and NTT Communications will deep dive from high level strategic thinking to providing actionable takeaways for real project requirements and give participants a unique lens through which to view digital disruption and transformation of IT and of the business.

It is not to be missed.

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