Coping with the data explosion – right data, right place, right time

Date: 7th Jun 2017

Venue: Villandry St James, 12 Waterloo Pl, St. James's, London SW1Y 4AU

The explosion of data within large organisations in recent times has taken many of us by surprise. New external data sources combined with a growing number of heterogeneous internal sources amounts to one of IT’s largest challenges today. Sourcing, streamlining, integrating, and accessing the right data at the right place, and at the right time, is becoming one of the biggest competitive challenges for companies, large and small.

Working together, Attunity and Hortonworks are accelerating the journey to a Modern Data Architecture by enabling organizations to move data more efficiently. Attunity Replicate is software that enables fast, efficient data ingest from many types of enterprise databases, turning them into “live feeds”. Hortonworks Data Flow is software designed to solve dataflow challenges, inside or outside of a Data Centre. HDF provides a fast, easy and secure way to move data from anywhere it originates to anywhere it needs to go. Together, Attunity and Hortonworks can help you realise the true value of your data resources.

The Dining Club moves to one of the most exciting new London restaurants this year, Villandry St James, Phillipe Le Roux’s new flagship overlooking Waterloo Place. A quite incredible venue, housed in one of the historic, listed properties in St James’s being restored by the Crown Estate as part of their Grand Restaurant project.

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