Innovative Sensor Technologies for the Oil & Gas Industry

Sponsored by: Baumer

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Date: 23 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How to succeed with unique traceability systems

The trend within the market is obvious and confirmed by giants such as Saudi Aramco: Absolutely no compromises on traceability! This gives a clear signal and challenge to the industry for instrumentation, as wetted parts are always seen in the process where material and certification data plays a significant role. But why are stakeholders within the related industry of Energy as well as Oil & Gas looking very carefully into the traceability system of manufacturers such as Original Bourdon? The reason for this is very complex but simple: "Safety for reliable processes" during the entire value chain.

Nowadays, focusing more and more on the documentation rather than the "real" product by itself is common practise. Product specification is given during the RFQ (Request For Quotation) stage already and almost reaches utility level for the user. Any supposed innovation on the specified data from the end-user, EPCC or sub-contractor may lead into technical deviation. So, from the innovators point of view, safety aspects as original material certificates, non-manipulated calibration certificates, original manufacturer products which are on the AVL (Approved Vendor List), very strict reliability clauses in the contract, etc. are becoming mandatory status. However savings for the clients are getting more serious, especially at the time where the crude oil price is reaching historical low level.

Trying to provide a possible answer to this demanding trend, this webinar is an excellent opportunity to see innovative solution thinking of Original Bourdon. Hear and see the latest experience from the inventor of the pressure gauge for more than 165 years. The webinar shall provide information and lessons on how traceability becomes a top level core product to fulfill the high demands of the related industry. Participants are very welcome to join the session and participate in the live Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

Presented by

Sascha Engel,

Director Sales & Marketing Process Instrumentation

Sascha Engel, born in 1972 in Germany with degree in electronics by holding academic master of science in strategy, technology and holistic management, has more over 20 years of experience in global business activity from the workshop up to corporate rehabilitation. Originally coming from the machinery and factory automation industry, Sascha Engel took over the global sales & marketing activity of Baumer Process Instrumentation in 2011 to contribute to the latest market challenges in the segment of process instruments, but very much focused in the field of Oil & Gas and related EPC business.

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When he discovered the manometer, Eugène Bourdon was searching for improvement but found a solution that would endure for centuries. Our engineers today, much like Bourdon himself, continually find themselves facing challenges: Know the unknown and continuously optimize the solution. At Original Bourdon®, such challenges are addressed with inspiration and ingenuity.

Our 'know how' has been developed, step by step, with every project experience. Expertise, together with the heritage passed on from Eugène Bourdon, gives us a leading position in the sector of pressure & temperature gauges, pressure & temperature switches, thermowells, seals (direct or remote mounting), valve manifolds and accessories. Precision, excellence, and the motivation to deliver a top-quality product every time are the hallmarks of our service.

The Bourdon Company joined the Baumer Group in 2005. Baumer now proudly holds and supplies the original Bourdon® on the market, as the legacy of an inspired past and a promise for a bright future.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding and determining the current core trends and challenges within the process industry.
  • Realizing the close relation between the industry trends of Oil & Gas and the forthcoming 4th Industrial Revolution.
  • Perception and learning that key of innovation for instrumentation is based on modern traceability methods.
  • An open view into the future. “Talking Instruments” - Science Fiction or will it become reality?


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  • Engineering Manager
  • Consultant
  • Business Development Manager
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Procurement Manager
  • Inspection Engineer/Manager
  • Manager Process Instrumentation
  • Production Manager
  • Drawing Manager
  • Service Engineer
  • R&D Manager/ Director
  • Application Manager/Engineer
  • Head of Instrumentation
  • Process Manager/Engineer