Innovative Treatment Methods for Acid Mine Drainage Applications

Sponsored by: WesTech Engineering

Focused on:

  • Treatment
  • Acid
  • Mine
  • Drainage

Date: 28 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Discover reliable processes for effective treatment of this pressing challenge

Government agencies around the world are stepping up enforcement of environmental regulations related to mining water runoff. This global problem is relevant to both currently operating and abandoned mines. Failure to meet local regulations have created significant financial setbacks for mining companies due to increasing fines and has also generated unwanted backlash from environmental activists.

Acid Mine Drainage is the main environmental problem related to abandoned mine sites and one of the leading concerns for mines still in operation. Active treatment facilities utilizing neutralization, precipitation and sedimentation are necessary to treat low pH and elevated metal concentrations for mine sites with higher flow of ground water.

This presentation will discuss the history of Acid Mine Drainage, potential processes in its effective treatment, and guidelines on how to evaluate your own risk or need for solutions.

Register your engineering and environmental teams and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Presented by

Brett Housley,

Applications Engineer, P.E.

Brett Housley has earned a degree in Environmental Engineering from Utah State University. He has worked as a consulting engineer for five years and now designs industrial and mining water treatment sytems for WesTech Engineering.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn effective clarification design to provide quality effluent and thickened underflow
  • Discover how to achieve financial savings on chemical consumption and solids disposal
  • Improve treatment efficiency when incorporating the high density solids process


  • VPs of Engineering
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Systems Operators
  • Plant Operators
  • VPs of Environmental Relations
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Project Managers