Webinar: Let`s Get Real 2: IT/OT Integration Approaches For North American Utilities

Sponsored by: OMNETRIC Group

Focused on:

  • It Integration
  • Ot Integration
  • Smartgrid
  • Domains

Date: 24 May

Days to go: 24

Time: 12PM EDT/5PM London

Integrating the siloed domains of information and operations technology is challenging, but TSOs and DSOs know the effort is foundational to operating the utility business of tomorrow. By bridging the gap between IT and OT, utilities are better positioned to gain an integrated view of their systems and data, which in turn can support advanced analysis and decision making: helping them realize a good deal of the promised benefits of the smart grid. While many just started and are undertaking projects to integrate IT and OT systems, these are often disparate and lack clarity on the end goal. Additionally, the nature of most utility landscapes means there is no single technology platform that will solve all integration challenges in a plug and play fashion.

Hear from OMNETRIC Group, recently named a leader in the IDC MarketScape for IT and OT Integration Service Providers for EMEA Utilities 2017. The team will talk about how to overcome the major barriers to a successful IT/OT integration program, such as security, interoperability and culture. They will also talk about the critical success factors for utilities and what OMNETRIC Group is doing to help them define a systems architecture for smart grid and a roadmap for getting there.

Based on a popular session held recently in Europe, this webinar will explore strategies for improving IT-OT integration specifically for utilities operating in North America. It will look at how utilities can achieve their business goals, such as gaining an integrated view of data and operations, reducing risk, managing resource more flexibly, and implementing process digitization. It's ultimately about forging a smart grid platform from which to innovate.

Presented by

Mayur Rao,

Smart Grid Integration & Security Lead – Americas

Mayur Rao is the Smart Grid Integration & Security Lead for EMEA at OMNETRIC Group.

In this role, his aim is to help utilities asses the IT/OT convergence opportunity, create strategic integration roadmaps and implement solutions to improve their grid and business performance. His team is focussed on pushing the boundaries of innovation by leveraging collaborative partnerships, and developing best practices that optimize performance and enable utilities to fine-tune their control of an increasingly complex grid.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to overcome your IT/OT integration challenges
  • Overcome security concerns and interoperability challenges
  • Learn how to make integration easier
  • Learn how to capture the benefits of a digitized grid


  • Manager / Head of IT Security
  • Head Of Operation Systems
  • Head of Digital Network Technology
  • IT & Internal Processes Optimisation Director
  • Head of Environment Services
  • Head of Integrated Business Solutions
  • Head of Projects
  • IT and Sustainability
  • Head of New Technologies
  • Head Of IT System Development And Technology
  • Cyber Security Lead
  • Digital Strategist
  • Managing Director