Revenue creation through travel technology

Sponsored by: Luxia Global

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Date: 20 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

A look at how technology is evolving in travel, the increased connectivity expectations of travellers, what can be done to add value to the traveller and how to monetise their digital interaction.

The hotel industry is losing billions per annum from the mass disruption of traveller demands for free (and fast) connectivity and the third party booking engines (OTA online travel agents) that take up to 75% of bookings and 15-25% of each transaction value.

Fast, free Wi-Fi has also resulted in the demise of in-room TV /pay per view revenues as guests stream their own preferred content on their own devices, to transfer digital dollars to other disruptors such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and the thousands of other content platforms.

This webinar will share LUXIA’s own experiences around monetising traveller technology from WiFi landing pages, to in-room tablets / apps, In-Room TV and other marketing and communication channels between the hotel and guest.

We will cover the three fundamentals of new revenue creation, regaining loyalty and direct bookings and increasing in-stay spend per traveller.

The connected world of travel between hotelier or airport and traveller is changing at a rapid pace. Join the Webinar to gain insights in to new methods of revenue generation, the pitfalls to avoid and exploring new optimisation techniques to learn more about your audiences.

Presented by

Stuart Dawson,


I am a seasoned marketer having worked on a range of digital platform projects for brands such as O2, Microsoft and a number of hospitality technology businesses.

The experience gained from such projects laid the foundations for the LUXIA business model and is very much associated to LUXIA’s rapid global growth across all major hospitality markets.

My career has been centred on the creation of new revenues via new technologies from valuable audiences and industries.

Natasha Raynor,

Hotel & Partner Development Director

After working in the hospitality events sector running IHTF and the European Hospitality Awards for eight years, I moved to LUXIA Global a year and a half ago for a new challenge. LUXIA is the go to company for Brands wanting to reach the out of home traveller. Every day is different and exciting connecting with Global Brands and partnering them with the best hotels in the world.

I am looking forward to connecting with you at our webinar, and explaining how the technology you already have in place can now bring you in revenue and help you reach guests on a platform we all use everyday, our own device.

Key Learning Objectives

  • New Revenues via Guest Technology
  • Dealing with disruption
  • Digital Asset Optimisation
  • Learn more about your audience (data collation / mining)


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  • Finance Director
  • CMO
  • Marketing Director
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