Achieving Optimal Monoclonal Antibody Titer and Quality Through Cell Culture Media Optimization

Sponsored by: BD

Focused on:

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Date: 17 May


Time: 7AM London/3PM Tokyo

For many years, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have been used as therapeutics for a wide range of diseases, including various cancers and autoimmune disorders. In production of these biotheraputics, the achievement of multi-gram titers and the emergence of mAb biosimilars have resulted in a more intense focus on mAb product quality consistency, which is essential for therapeutic efficacy.

While selection and establishment of the appropriate cell clone is critical, cell culture media and supplements play a vital role in achieving desired titer and quality. Having an optimal medium can have a significant impact on the bioproduction process.

Learn more about how you can achieve and maintain appropriate mAb protein quality through cell culture media optimization and supplementation during this educational webinar hosted by BD.

Space is limited. Register today for this exciting educational event to learn more about optimizing and maintaining protein quality through optimization of cell culture media and supplementation.

Presented by

James Brooks, PhD,

R&D Manager

Throughout his career, Dr. Brooks has accumulated more than 25 years' experience in cell culture, media development, and mAb production. In his current role as R&D Manager for BD Advanced Bioprocessing, Dr. Brooks is responsible for media and supplement development and optimization capabilities and partnerships, technology assessments, and new product and technology development.

Dr. Brooks earned his Bachelor's degree in Biology from Carson-Newman University and his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from Wake Forest University. He conducted his post-doctoral research in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Peter C. Doherty, PhD, at St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Hear strategies and techniques to help achieve optimal production yields and consistent performance
  • Understand better how to improve existing media formulations to meet production and quality goals
  • Learn how peptones and supplements can help achieve and maintain appropriate protein quality


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