Building Better Biologics, Faster

Sponsored by: BIOVIA

Focused on:

  • Biologics
  • Biotherapeutics
  • Laboratory Operations
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Date: 22 July


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

Leveraging the end-to-end BIOVIA Biologics Development Solution

Many organizations in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries have increased their efforts in biotherapeutic drug development to be successful and remain competitive by shifting the activities away from small molecule toward biologics drug development. The biologics R&D workflow is similar to small molecule R&D at the highest level but demands unique processes required by the added complexity of biological systems.'

Managing and leveraging biologics data, especially in development, is challenging as a large amount and large variety of complex data is generated and tracking the genealogy of how to get to an end entity is critical. BIOVIA's integrated Biologics Development solution satisfies these specific requirements supporting customers in their efforts to efficiently and compliantly manage biologics data, accelerate innovation, reduce cycle times and ultimately bring better products to market faster.

Register for this webinar to learn how your organization can benefit from the BIOVIA Biologics Development solution, including:

  • Eliminate manual data management and tedious data management policies and procedures
  • Eliminate inefficient paper-based workflows
  • Reduce efforts for creating experiments
  • Eliminate error-prone data transcription and therefore, transcription errors
  • Easily search and retrieve data and information
  • Better understanding of processes and products
  • Faster decision making through better insight and improved experiment design
  • And much more

Presented by

Dennis Curran,

Product Management Director

Dennis Curran is the Director of Product Management for BIOVIA and is focused on the integration of BIOVIA Software into customer solutions for scientific research. His direct product responsibilities include the BIOVIA Workbook and BIOVIA Laboratory Operations Suite. Since receiving his degree in Analytical Chemistry from Tufts University in 1985, Mr. Curran has been involved in the laboratory automation and software industries. His 30 years of career experience spans the scientific, engineering, software and management aspects of projects in the life sciences industry, from Drug Discovery through Development and Quality Control operations.

Dr. Daniela Jansen,

Product Marketing Manager

Dr. Daniela Jansen is Product Marketing Manager at BIOVIA and has more than 20 years of experience in laboratory informatics and instrumentation holding various positions in Marketing and Sales Management. She is working on the strategic product positioning and customer benefits of the BIOVIA Life Science solutions and has expertise in 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and Lean Six Sigma.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the increased complexity and amount of data generated from biotherapeutic projects does not need to slow down overall processes or operations.
  • Learn how the Biologics Development solution from BIOVIA can reduce compliance risk in your organization.
  • See the benefits of transitioning from a paper-based to an electronic Biologics solution.
  • See how the BIOVIA Biologics Solution can be extended upstream into Discovery and downstream to Manufacturing.


  • Chief Operating Officer
  • VP/Director/Manager of IT
  • Quality Engineer
  • VP/Director/Manager of Manufacturing
  • Scientist
  • Applications Specialist
  • VP/Director/Manager of Quality
  • VP/Director/Manager of Operations
  • Lab Manager
  • Lab Analyst
  • VP/Director/Manager Regulatory