Webinar: Changing Trial Logistics & Tactics to Overcome Them

Sponsored by: Fisher Clinical Services

Focused on:

  • Trial Logistics
  • Clinical

Date: 8 June

Days to go: 39

Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

What clinical teams should know about changing trial logistics and how they will affect development

When it comes to clinical supplies, the journey is just as important as the destination. In today’s world the journey of clinical supplies to investigator sites is becoming costlier and more complex, much like the trials for which the materials are bound.

Supply chain managers have referenced the following developments driving the ongoing evolution in the clinical trial arena:

  • The explosive growth of biologics & the importance of temperature control
  • Logistical challenges presented due to increasingly global studies
  • An Amazon like culture with a desire for 24/7 tracking of clinical supply shipments
  • A crisis-du-jour world where flexibility & contingency planning are the norm

Join us on June 8th at 3PM London/10AM New York. In addition to discussing how these developments impact supply chain logistics, this webinar will give case study examples of how Fisher Clinical Services is deploying flexible solutions to ensure secure, efficient and cost-effective passage of clinical supplies. The webinar will conclude with top tips on how to manage changing trial logistics, helping support supply chain logistics professionals in this industry.

Presented by

Steven Pye,

Senior Project Manager, Distribution & Logistics, Fisher Clinical Services

Having graduated with a Bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering before deciding on a change of career path, Steven now has over 10 years experience in Clinical Logistics at Fisher Clinical Services and previously at Novartis. Steven started at Fisher Clinical Services as a Project Coordinator and now heads up a team in the Client Services Distribution department. Steven has a particular interest in innovation with the goal of making processes as simple and efficient as possible.

Away from work, Steven is a very keen sportsman, with particular interest in Golf and Squash and has ambitions of competing in a Triathlon.

Key Learning Objectives

  • To learn about changes in clinical trial logistics & their impact on the supply chain
  • To learn ways to address these changes
  • To learn how to deploy flexible solutions to streamline the supply chain


  • Vice President Supply Chain/ Clinical Logistics
  • Senior Director/Executive Director
  • Clinical Operations Director/Manager
  • Clinical Development Directors/Manager
  • Clinical/Investigational Supplier
  • Clinical Logistics & Supplies Director/Manager
  • Clinical Trials Director/Manager
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics & Distribution Director/Manager
  • Quality (Management/Assurance/Control/GCP/GMP) Director/Manager