Webinar: Development of a Robust Chemical Search Technology

Sponsored by: ChemAxon

Focused on:

  • Chemical Search Technology
  • Research Informatics

Date: 18 October

Days to go: 58

Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

JChem technology provides sophisticated implementations for chemical representation, search, storage, structural and non-structural data management functions. JChem is a widely-embedded core engine, that spans across a wide variety of research informatics systems. It is capable of handling data stored in: various database engines (e. g.: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL), offers intricate search technologies, a wide optional space, and advanced features to deal with chemical structures.

This presentation will focus on ChemAxon’s robust core technology; focusing on the search capabilities of a variety of tools throughout different platforms. We will:

  • Introduce the search features, the chemical structure types that our technology handles
  • Highlight the management of tautomers and stereochemistry in JChem Engines
  • Demonstrate the newest search engine through live examples
  • Walk through current innovations and our aim to extend of our technology to the cloud and to distributed systems (like Hadoop)

Presented by

Andras Volford ,

Product Owner of JChem Engines

Studied Pharmaceutical Engineering at the Technical University of Budapest, and completed his PhD in Physics on the topic of Nonlinear Dynamical systems.

He has spent 15 years in Chemoinformatics industry. He has experience dealing with Structure Representation, Stereochemistry, Input-Output (IO) of different file formats (SMILES, Molfiles, CDX files), molecule searching and different database technologies.

Andras is currently the Product Owner of JChem technologies at ChemAxon.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Display chemical search capabilities of ChemAxon software
  • Learn about the available Cartridge solutions for Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Introducing our new chemical search engine returning incredibly fast results
  • We are hitting the road in the future to extend JChem technology with cloud solutions and distributed systems


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  • Associate Director Cheminformatics
  • Director IT
  • LRL Research Dedicated
  • Biology IT systems
  • Research Consultant
  • Research Dedicated IT
  • Director Biologics and Applied Genomics Technologies
  • R&D IS Head of Solution Center Biologics
  • Systems Architect Drug Discovery
  • IT Research
  • Director Research Business Technologies
  • Manager Research Informatics
  • Staff Scientist
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