Enhanced Protein Expression in Biopharmaceutical Development

Sponsored by: Batavia Biosciences

Focused on:

  • Protein Expression
  • C H O
  • Clone Selection

Date: 9 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

STEP™ Technology

Advances in cell culture technologies, media developments and expression plasmid technology have resulted in significant improvements in protein yield on mammalian cells over the last decades. For many proteins yield is however still an area requiring improvement.

High protein producing, stable cell lines are thus in high demand, supporting the rapid development of recombinant protein therapeutic products, where improvements in the development timeline and ease of generating high producing cell lines can contribute to the faster development of both innovative biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars.

Increasing expression of therapeutic glycoproteins produced on mammalian cell lines is an important step forward to reduce process development and manufacturing costs and therefore end product costs. The latter is enabled by reducing the scale of the final manufacturing process through savings in resources, materials, facility costs and scale-up time.

The STEP™ technology achieves high protein expression levels without the need for gene amplification and time-consuming rounds of cell sub-cloning by means of a highly stringent selection system which can be tailored to different types of protein such that maximum expression levels are always achieved. The result is a system that generates very high producing CHO cell lines from a limited but sufficient number (typically 20-30) of clones eliminating the burden of extensive screening.

In this webinar we will introduce, showing STEP™ ability to rapidly and easily generate cell lines with high yields of glycoprotein in the industrial workhorse CHO. The stability of expression and performance in bioreactors are addressed, as well as biological activity and quality of the proteins produced with the STEP™ technology. If you're interested in a novel potent expression system which can be developed in limited time and to overcome major challenges in the production of human therapeutic proteins, please register for this webinar.

Presented by

Femke Hoeksema,

Senior Scientist and Team Leader at Batavia Biosciences

Dr Hoeksema is a senior molecular biologist (University, Amsterdam) with a profound background in cell-oriented research and product development.

She has ample experience in investigation and development of techniques to increase expression levels by employment of expression enhancing DNA elements and adaptable stringent selection systems.

Dr Hoeksma developed several novel expression platforms for the production of recombinant proteins and antibody therapeutic molecules among which the leading STEP™ expression system.

Publications (selected):

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  • Key Learning Objectives

    • How to increase protein expression with a 10 fold
    • How to limit development by efficiently limiting clones
    • How to guarantee high yielding cell lines


    • Biopharmaceutical Heads of R&D
    • R&D Project Managers
    • CSO in Biopharmaceutical Start-ups organizations
    • CEO in Biopharmaceutical Start-up organizations
    • Academics working in Biopharmaceutical grants
    • Consultants in Biopharmaceutical Process Development
    • Investors in Biopharmaceutical Products Development