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Sponsored by: GlobalData & BioPharm Insight

Focused on:

  • Drug Development
  • Outsourcing

Date: 3 August


Time: 3PM London

GlobalData’s exciting new offering to keep you ahead of the competition

Information overload has become par for the course in the pharma industry but BioPharm Insight’s (BPI’s) investigative reporting can guide you through the noise. Investigative journalists are a dying breed, and unbiased coverage on the drug development industry is few and far between. The whirlpool of lackluster and repetitive reactionary news coverage alongside commentary and analyst views on what the latest company announcement means are usually tied to industry spin and fail to fully expose risk. When time is money and uncertainty negatively impacts valuations, even a relatively risk-accepting industry like the biopharmaceutical sector has much to gain from proactive competitive analysis and intelligence in advance of public announcements. It is with this in mind that BPI’s independent, science-driven investigative journalist team approaches its content to bring its readers proprietary and actionable information.

This webinar will give you an overview of BPI’s exclusive editorial offering on drug development and outsourcing, which is now part of GlobalData’s Pharma Intelligence Center (IC). BPI’s content provides readers with qualitative asset analysis, so subscribers can stay abreast of how KOLs view future prospects for clinical trial success, approval, pricing, reimbursement and market uptake prior to public announcements. We look at upcoming events in a drug’s life cycle that will impact a company’s valuation and strategy, and before they play out, we give readers nuanced, competitive insight on what to expect from such events. Subscribers also get actionable intelligence on companies’ partnering/M&A/financing strategies as well as CRO needs and relationships through our interviews with pharma executives.

Before information hits the mainstream media, BPI reporters are able to tap into their sources, including key opinion leaders (KOLs) and experts with first-hand knowledge, to break news and provide analysis that you won’t find anywhere else, and several months ahead of company announcements. We get scoops on trial progress like enrollment, drop-out rates and toxicities and take a deep-dive look on whether trials and approval filings will succeed. Through our vast network of sources, we also evaluate which drugs will be clinically significant if they hit the market, including tackling pricing and reimbursement aspects. By talking to industry executives, we offer subscribers a way to find new business whether it is through R&D partnerships or CRO relationships.

BPI supports its subscribers by staying ahead of other news outlets, talking to the right sources and conducting deep research, going beyond historical indication data and diving deep into drug- and trial-specific nuances. Join this webinar, which will be presented by BPI’s Editor-in-Chief, Querida Anderson, for a review of this new offering on GlobalData’s Pharma IC and how the BPI investigative journalism team works to break news and provide forward-looking analysis.

Presented by

Querida Anderson,


Querida Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of BioPharm Insight’s (BPI) investigative journalist team. Based in New York, she joined BPI in 2012 as Editor, North America, and in her current role directs editorial strategy, oversees operations across two news rooms (NYC and London) and collaborates with commercial teams. Previously, Querida was the online managing editor at Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), where she gave GEN an online voice and expanded its coverage to drug development and business analysis. She is a published science writer, has produced science news stories for ABC and NBC, and has worked on documentaries for the Discovery Channel and History Channel. Querida has a Master’s in Science, Health and Environmental Reporting from New York University and a BSc in Physics from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Surani Fernando,

Editor, North America

Surani Fernando first joined BioPharm Insight's London office as a drug development reporter in 2010 and has generated a number of market moving scoops and in-depth analyses on key therapeutic areas. She has also reported on drug reimbursement, regulatory affairs, patent litigation, M&A and business financing. Surani has covered academic and industry meetings in both Europe and the US where she has interviewed key opinion leaders and C-level executives and has also made TV appearances on CNBC and Sky News as an industry commentator. In November 2014, Surani became the Editor of BPI’s European new desk and moved to New York in September 2016 to lead the US team. Prior to her career in journalism she worked in clinical operations at CRO PAREXEL. She has a Bachelor of Medical Science and Master of Health Communication both from Sydney University, Australia.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Hear how BPI’s investigative journalism can give you a competitive edge and help remove risk and uncertainty for your decision-making
  • Learn about the different types of news we break and analysis we provide on drug development as well as our business development coverage
  • Discover how we stay ahead of mainstream news and ensure we are the first to report
  • Get insight on how we gather information from primary resources and intel from KOLs to provide deep and broad coverage


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