Oral Thin Films: New opportunities for oral drug delivery?

Sponsored by: LTS Lohmann Therapy Systems

Focused on:

  • Drug
  • Delivery

Date: 5 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Oral Thin Films: characteristics, advantages and case studies

Oral drug delivery technologies form an important part of the pharmaceutical industry, and represent the largest share of the overall market.

Oral transmucosal drug delivery systems such as oral thin films (OTF) have recently gained a lot of attention as a non-invasive route for drug delivery. These systems allow for absorption buccally or sublingually, bypassing the hepatic first pass effect. This leads to reduced drug exposure, and could potentially offer a rapid onset of action. The quick dissolution nature of OTF means that no water is required for administration, improving patient compliance - especially among the elderly, children, and in conditions where patients have difficulty in swallowing.

Depending on the design of the oral thin film, treatment outcomes could be maximised due to further modulation of the drug's absorption kinetics. Given the specific advantages offered by these films and their ability to overcome the current unmet needs, OTFs hold significant potential for the future of drug delivery.

This webinar will showcase the components and science of OTFs, their features and benefits, applications to various disease categories, and potential market penetration and respective market share increases through their use and adoption.

The following case studies will be discussed:

Case Study 1: Suboxone: the flagship product of the industry with over a billion dollar annual sales
Case Study 2: Onsolis/Breakyl: introduction of fentanyl films to break into the pain management market
Case Study 3: OTF - Delivering Fast Onset of action
Case Study 4: Absorption kinetics in different oral cavity sites
Case Study 5: An example of formulation challenge for OTF

Presented by

Rick Chan, PhD,

Vice President, Research & Development

Dr Rick Chan is a pharmacist, who obtained his postgraduate degrees from the University of London. He joined LTS in 2011 and is responsible for oral thin film R&D work globally. Prior to LTS, he was a Senior Director with GSK and its legacy companies in Product Development, New Product Research and New Opportunities, most notably in Pain Management and Smoking Cessation. He has worked internationally in Australia, Asia Pacific, Japan, and in the USA, and was a member of the GSK Drug Delivery Technology Steering Committee.

Dr. Iris Schnitzler,

Marketing and Sales Intelligence

Iris joined LTS about 15 years ago. She started as head of R & D at an LTS subsidiary focussing on patch technologies for the cosmetic industry. She held several positions in this organization including Head of Business Development and Head of Sales. In 2013, Iris moved on to the parent company LTS where she now is responsible for marketing and sales intelligence. Iris holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the science of transmucosal drug delivery & different types of OTF
  • Understand manufacturing process of OTF
  • Understand formulation challenges for OTF
  • Understand the potential applications of oral thin film in drug delivery


  • Formulation Scientist
  • Drug Delivery Scientists
  • R&D Scientist
  • Formulation Pharmacist
  • Heads of Research and Development
  • Head of Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Director of Formulation
  • Director Formulation Development
  • Head of Product Development
  • Business Development Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Heads of Innovation Technology