VIALEX - Premium Technology for Surface Control!

Sponsored by: Nipro PharmaPackaging International

Focused on:

  • Delamination
  • Glass Vial
  • Surface Control
  • U S P 1660
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Date: 29 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Moving beyond process control, and into true prevention of delamination and pH shifts

The delamination of pharmaceutical glass poses serious concerns; a potential problem that has led to a number of drug product recalls in recent years.

Like the pharmaceutical companies, Nipro PharmaPackaging puts the patient's safety and health first. This is why we invested heavily in finding the right solution to address the industry's concerns on delamination.

The VIALEX™ technology addresses the current gap of utilizing only "process control" with statistical screening in the risk reduction of delamination.

  • The technology developed by Nipro R&D in Japan is able to reverse the surface effects from the converting operation.

  • Tubular vials that are processed using the VIALEX™ technology offer an unprecedented surface quality with unparalleled hydrolytic resistance levels. This leads to exceptional robustness against delamination and a remarkable low pH-shift.

  • No revalidation work by the pharmaceutical manufacturer is required since no foreign material is introduced through coatings or other traditional methods.

The improvements in glass surface durability generated by VIALEX™ not only greatly reduces the risk of delamination, but may potentially provide an extended shelf life or reduced need for buffers as additional benefits.

The features and benefits of the VIALEX™ technology will be presented. We will share the results obtained by applying this innovative technology and present the studies executed to date, proving the efficacy of the proprietary VIALEX™ technology.

The audience will better understand the features and benefits of the concerning VIALEX™ technology, why we developed this technology and how it can help to minimize the risk of delamination in glass vials.

Presented by

Dave Lisman,

Strategic Project Manager

Dave has over a decade of experience with Nipro serving in a variety of positions from project manager to Plant Manager of several facilities. His current role as Strategic Project Manager aims to deliver technical solutions that increase the value proposition to Nipro’s customers in response to industry challenges of both today and tomorrow. Dave received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University and an M.B.A from the Kelley School of Business of IU.



Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how VIALEX addresses current gaps in delamination prevention
  • Understand how VIALEX performs in a variety of applications
  • Learn how VIALEX can be easily substituted into current products


  • Head of Packaging
  • Heads of Research and Development
  • Project Manager
  • R&D Manager
  • Packaging Specialist
  • Packaging Engineer
  • Quality Manager