Driving Growth & Innovation Through Packaging

Sponsored by: Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, a division of HAVI Global Solutions, LLC

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    Date: 21 June


    Time: 9AM Chicago / 10AM New York / 3PM London

    Best-In-Class Companies Recognize Packaging Innovation is Essential to Business and Margin Growth

    Key Business Drivers of Packaging Innovation

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    It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention, and so it seems in the packaging world as well. Tough economic times, private label products, mounting environmental and regulatory pressures, coupled with smarter, more connected consumers, has resulted in Packaging moving well beyond a cost-center or support function. Today, Packaging is expected to drive business growth and increased margins.

    Packaging continues to climb the ladder of importance in organizations globally, and is actually one of the top “solution providers” for fast-moving consumer goods companies. It’s not surprising that the greatest business gains are achieved by making progress in all aspects of packaging, including consumer insights and preferences, choice of materials, package structure, and recyclability and reuse opportunities, to name a few.

    As categories get crowded with competitors and environmental pressure mounts to make packaging more minimalist, brand marketers and package designers must figure out how to appeal to the consumer, drive innovation, and address the increasing complexity of regulatory and sustainability concerns – all while staying true to their core.

    Join us on June 21st to learn more about the insights and innovation drivers across the packaging value chain – from raw material suppliers, to converters, to fast-moving consumer goods companies and beyond, which will move your packaging from a cost-center to a solution-center.

    Presented by

    Todd Bukowski,

    Senior Consultant, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, a Division of HAVI Global Solutions,

    Todd Bukowski is a packaging professional with over eighteen years of experience in food and pharmaceutical packaging, in both R&D and operations capacities. Todd's past work experience includes packaging development at Kraft Foods, M&M/Mars, and Tap Pharmaceuticals. Since joining Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions seven years ago, Todd has worked on package development process improvement workflows, and packaging development strategy projects, including innovation and sustainability initiatives. He also monitors and tracks consumer, channel, sustainability, and technology trends.

    Michael Richmond, Ph.D,

    Vice President, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions, a Division of HAVI Global Solutions, LLC

    Mike Richmond is a business and technical leader with 30 years of academic and corporate packaging experience. Prior to co-founding PTIS, he developed, staffed, and led packaging organizations at Kraft and Kellogg’s, where he created and implemented Kellogg’s Technology Discovery and Global Packaging Innovation Departments. Mike has numerous awards and commendations, including his 2010 induction into The Packaging Hall of Fame. Mike has strong academic affiliations, and often teaches at MSU and Western Michigan University, in the packaging, food marketing and M.B.A. programs.

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    Key Learning Objectives

    • Identification of top 5 packaging drivers related to consumer & retailer trends
    • Examples of how leading companies are using packaging to drive business growth
    • Insights into leading edge consumer research and its impact on packaging
    • Checklist of key innovation considerations for your packaging project – things you need to do now


    • CEO/President/Chairman/Executive Director
    • Project Managers
    • Packaging Directors
    • R&D VP
    • Packaging Designers
    • Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies
    • Packaging Converters
    • Raw material suppliers
    • Trade Press
    • Marketing Managers
    • Brand Managers
    • Sustainability Managers
    • Innovation Managers
    • Strategic Sourcing Leaders