Intralinks Drives Digital Transformation

Sponsored by: Intralinks

Focused on:

  • Digital Transformation

Date: 14 April


Time: 10AM London/11AM Paris

Intralinks discusses the value of securely driving digital transformation

Customer's information and decision making processes have changed dramatically. This has contributed to the increase in companies turning to Digital and Business Transformation. Relationships and connections are at the heart of any business. They foster new ideas, growth and opportunities, thus they move into the center of growth and profitability strategies.

This Webinar will cover:
- Converting 'transformation initiatives' successfully into 'business as usual'
- Safe sharing of sensitive content with customers and partners such as external developers and contractors
- Accelerating business velocity while maintaining compliance with numerous complex regulations

4th Floor, The Rex Building
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Phone: +44 (0)20 7549 5200
Internet: https://www.intralinks.com

Intralinks VIA is built upon a proven technology used to support over $28.1 trillion of strategic transactions. Intralinks solves some of the world's toughest sharing and collaboration use cases. We work in over 40 regulated industries, including financial services, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. We help banks work with regulators, we speed up clinical trials and we help law firms share extremely sensitive information with their clients. We offer our customers technologies to protect their data, such as Information Rights Management and customer-managed encryption keys. We give data owners power over their information by managing content wherever it travels in the world. 100% of the Fortune 100, and 99% of the Fortune 1000, trust Intralinks.

Intralinks VIA has everything you need to ensure confidential information is shared securely within, and beyond, your organization. We manage content wherever it goes using capabilities such as UNshare and IRM by Design to control who can view, edit or share files, as well as how long a document remains available. Intralinks VIA is the first file content collaboration solution to provide customer-managed encryption keys as an option, providing businesses with more control over their data.

Presented by

Mark Stanyer,

Director of Product Marketing

Mark Stanyer is a Director of Product Marketing at Intralinks and is based in London. He has broad industry experience in the enterprise information management (EIM) space, with expertise in the trends and technologies related to information governance, enterprise content management, document management, web content management, and enterprise records management practices. In his previous role at OpenText, Mark held several senior positions within the European marketing organization, from leading the Industry Marketing function to managing the European Digital Marketing team.

Clive Longbottom,

Founder & Research Director

Clive Longbottom is the founder and research director of Quocirca. Trained as a Chemical Engineer, Clive understands that everything within a business is predicated on process, and that the only point of technology is in making sure that the processes run efficiently and smoothly. He regularly delivers presentations from formal keynotes at large events to informal off-the-cuff talks at executive dining evenings. Clive spent a period of time with a small UK-based analyst group before setting up Quocirca. The idea behind Quocirca was not to take over the world of analyst houses, but to set up a small group of like-minded analysts who had a strong capability to talk to business people and provide advice as to what matters to them, as well as having a good understanding of technology. Clive enjoys not only the general work of being an industry analyst, but also likes discussing strategies with vendors and end user companies alike.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to convert ‘transformation initiatives’ successfully into ‘business as usual’
  • How Intralinks safely shares sensitive content with customers and partners such as external developers and contractors
  • How to accelerate business velocity while maintaining compliance with numerous complex regulations


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