Strategies for SD-WAN Success

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Focused on:

  • Sd Wan
  • Mspacircs
  • Broadband
  • Branch Networking

Date: 15 May

Days to go: 24

Time: 11AM Boston/4PM London

How to gain the full benefit SD-WAN products and services offer

To hear it told, SD-WAN will make your branch networking, fast, reliable, and cheap by letting you use 2 or more low-cost broadband connections and then manage traffic across them. Using multiple WAN connections at the branch is complex requiring carefully planned configurations that are also difficult and risky to change but using automation and integrated capabilities, SD-WAN products and services simplify the complexity away.

It’s too soon to kick your MPLS circuit to the curb, however. There are significant benefits that dedicated WAN circuits provide such as resiliency for running mission-critical applications and powerful security that business broadband cannot match. But legacy WAN services are expensive to scale especially when seeking to leverage cloud compute and other IaaS/SaaS tools.

One strategy to make a legacy WAN agile is to augment with other WAN types like business broadband and increase WAN capacity, lower monthly costs, and build in high availability while reducing operational overhead. That may sound too good to be true but for many organizations, SD-WAN will be an excellent drop-in replacement for branch networking provided you understand what you’re getting into.

If you want to improve branch networking while l

Presented by

Mike Fratto,

Research Director Enterprise Networking & Data Centre Technology

Mike is a Research Director with the Global IT Technology & Software team covering the Enterprise Networking and Data Center Technology markets. He has extensive experience reviewing and writing about enterprise remote access, security and network infrastructure products. Prior to GlobalData, Mike was with TechWeb for over 15 years finishing as Editor of Network Computing.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the key functions offered by SD-WAN products and services.
  • Understand the state of managed SD-WAN services and the general roadmap.
  • Contrast the capabilities of managed SD-WAN compared to acquiring the products.
  • Learn about the deciding factors and important questions to ask about SD-WAN.


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