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Aptar Pharma

Growing Confidence in Airless Dispensing

Webinar Speakers: Dr. Stefan Hellbardt & Thomas Hauser

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Transform Your Product Life Cycle in the Digital Era

Webinar Speakers: Evi Cohen & Wayne McDonnell

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Catalent Pharma Solutions

Oral Delivery of Macromolecule Drugs for Localized Treatments of Gut Diseases

Webinar Speakers: Dr. Claus-Michael Lehr & Ronak Savla, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

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Novel HPMC Capsules – Bioequivalence & Functional Performance

Webinar Speakers: Matt Richardson, Ph.D. & Michael Morgen, Ph.D.

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Quotient Clinical Ltd.

Pharmaceutical Spray Drying to Overcome Poor Drug Solubility

Webinar Speakers: Nikki Whitfield & Peter Scholes

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Sartorius Integrated Solutions

Standardized End-to-End Bioprocess Platforms Mitigate Risks

Webinar Speaker: Ian Schwartz

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Patient Engagement and Remote Research - What We Know Now

Webinar Speakers: Kai Langel & Kristian Ranta

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Gyros Protein Technologies

Strategies for More Complex Bioanalysis

Webinar Speakers: Karolina Österlund & Christophe Henry, Ph.D.

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The Biosimilars Landscape: What All Developers Need to Know

Webinar Speakers: Mark P. Fletcher, MD & Alicia M. Baker & John Carlsen, MHA

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Catalent Pharma Solutions

Expedite Your Early Drug Development with Unique Pre-Formulation Techniques

Webinar Speakers: Michael J. Hageman, Ph.D. & Dr. Pingyun (P.Y.) Chen

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From Formulation to Insight

Webinar Speaker: Pierre Morieux, Ph.D.

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Latest Blogs

Anemia Affects Almost Two Billion People in the World. Now it’s Time to Act and Make use of the Ocean of Knowledge that Resides in a Drop of Blood

Anemia is a significant problem in many parts of the world. It’s particularly problematic in developing countries where infections and diseases are common. These add up to create a major burden on well-being, on quality of life, and even on the economies of entire countries.

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Malvern Instruments – Advances in Protein Stability Characterization

My introduction to differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) was as a postdoctoral fellow in the late 1980s. I was producing mutant forms of the enzyme thymidylate synthase, and I needed to characterize the effects amino acid changes had on the overall stability of the protein.

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Spotlight Interview:
Vironova AB

Mohammed Homman

Vironova AB,


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Mohammed Homman

Spotlight Interview:
CRF Health

Sandra “SAM” Sather

VP, Clinical Pathways,
Regulatory & Quality, TrialConsent,
CRF Health


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Sandra Sather

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The latest on demand webinars


Efficient Screening Tools – Key to Combat Anemia

Webinar Speaker: Annika Eriksson

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Dassault Systémes - BIOVIA

The Internet of (Laboratory) Things - Are You Ready for the Perfect Storm?

Webinar Speaker: Dr. Daniela Jansen

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CRF Health and Chesapeake IRB

Visibility and Oversight: What Paper Informed Consent Isn't Offering You

Webinar Speakers: Sandra “SAM” Sather, Lauri Carlile & Jeff Wendel

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Malvern Instruments Ltd

Turning up the Heat on Protein Stability Characterization

Webinar Speaker: Dr. Ronan O’Brien

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Catalent Pharma Solutions

Strategic Approach for Manufacturing Solid Dosage Forms

Webinar Speakers: Todd Stutzman, Pharm.D. & Sarah Pyszczynski, PhD

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The Diabetic Heart: A Focus on Heart Failure

Webinar Speakers: Jonathan F. Plehn MD, FACC & Darren McGuire MD, MHSc

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Dassault Systèmes - BIOVIA

How to Drive Innovation in Formulated Products Through Improved Data Management

Webinar Speaker: Nick Reynolds

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