Welcome back to our fifth Supply Talk Online Newsletter. This issue is packed full of the latest information including our upcoming and on demand webinars, the latest news and other important industry knowledge.

In this month’s spotlight interviews we would like to introduce Simon Wildash, Head of Marketing of Essentra Packaging. Simon will be discussing his thoughts on Essentra's upcoming webinar. We would also like to introduce Chris Swearingen, SenseAware's Global Marketing Manager at FedEx. Chris will be providing his thoughts on his recent webinar.

Thank you to everyone who commented on our blog and participated in our quiz last month. The answer to last month's quiz question: 'The earliest recorded use of paper packaging was in 1035. Where was that?' was: B. Cairo, Egypt. To have your chance to win a voucher, simply answer this month's quiz question.

Currently there are two Australians who work in my team. On January 26th every year, Australians celebrate ‘Australia Day’. This day celebrates their pride for their country and their unique sense of identity based on their subsequent settlement of the land.

Nowadays, this typically involves various award ceremonies, firework shows and large sport and festival events. For those both living in and away from Australia, it is a day to celebrate with fellow Australians and friends; enjoying many barbeques, drinks and parties.

A key event is the Triple J hottest 100 which is a radio music voting countdown. This is broadcasted over the radio throughout Australia and online with this year accounting for over 1.4 million votes. This radio broadcast is commonly played at every social gathering and large musical event around the country, with even betting agencies getting involved.

Australia is a natural wonderland of beautiful beaches, ancient rock formations, pristine rainforests and warm weather. Overseas Australians like to remember this and often dress for these conditions regardless of the weather (even in rain or snow). Typical attire includes singlet’s, thongs (flip flops) and shorts.

Australia day is a day all Australians look forward to, it celebrates pride for their heritage, their outgoing and friendly culture and ultimately the love of their country.

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We hope you enjoy this issue and we are looking forward to seeing you at our future upcoming webinars.

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Integrating Tamper Evidence & Authentication in Pharma Packaging
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Innovations in technology enhancing Supply Chain Visibility and Control
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Mind Your Language; Controlling Labeling on a Global Scale
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