• Date: 3rd Jul 2019   |   1 Month and 15 Days Left

  • Time: 18:00

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  • Cost: Complimentary

Digital Workers & Local Government

"Since RPA first burst on to the scene around four years ago, it has been taken up by banks, financial services and other businesses. The technology is [now] gradually being test-launched across central and local government and the NHS."*

Public sector organisations process large volumes of data and documents every day, much of it manually. Repetitive, manual processes slow down employees and the services they provide to the public. And as organisations continue to modernize systems, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can automate repetitive tasks, freeing employees to focus on the things only humans do well-analytics and program management-improving public services.

For example, with RPA you can:
-Improve the speed of validation: Cognitive bots instantly verify documents across multiple legacy government systems.
-Improve analytics: Real-time analytics instantly evaluate digital worker performance and business process data.
-Dramatically reduce costs by insourcing: Supplement office workers with digital workers, keeping process management in-house.

So to help you move your thinking and plans forward, the world\'s leading RPA vendor, Automation Anywhere, and its implementation partner, Intellimorph, invite you to an exclusive dinner event. It\'s suitable for those who are looking to define and commence an RPA project in the next few months.

By attending, you\'ll learn about:

- Best practice implementation methodologies
- How to roll-out automation in the right depth/breadth
- How to avoid the pitfalls that can arise
- The experiences of others in the Public Sector to date

*The Guardian, \'Why the public sector is embracing a robotic makeover\' 28th November 2018

For more information please contact Mohit Markanda and Nick Freeman at: Mohit.Markanda@compelo.com and Nick.Freeman@compelo.com

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