Come join us for a sumptuous evening of fine dining and networking in one of London's most famous restaurants

Utility Storage: the future, today? CBR is pleased to announce another of our exclusive private dining events in association with our partner for the evening, HP.

Date: 24th Mar 2011

Venue: Quo Vadis, Soho, London

Deep in the heart of Soho, Quo Vadis with its infamous Damien Hirst past, is now regarded as the finest you can have in British cuisine and indeed won the Tatler restaurant of the year award.

Join us to experience their exquisite cuisine, network with peers and hear the reasons behind the most talked about acquisition of 2010.

HP 3PAR Utility Storage can dramatically cut costs from the storage infrastructure, while coping with the highest demands for capacity, throughput and agility. Attend this CBR Dining Club to understand the capabilities of HP 3PAR's Utility Storage, originally embraced by service providers and now finding rapid adoption in the enterprise as the storage of choice for private clouds.

HP bought 3PAR for $2.35bn in September last year but only after winning a furious bidding war. So why was there so much excitement around 3PAR? This event will put HP 3PAR's Utility Storage in context, help attendees understand the implications for storage of moving towards private clouds and highly virtualized environments.

You'll hear how HP 3PAR can save 90 per cent of an existing storage management overhead.

Who should attend:
CIOs, data centre managers, storage managers or anyone else with storage purchasing power who are...

- Seeking to virtualise their storage to gain better utilisation and efficiency
- Considering a move to private clouds
- Struggling to afford the cost of out-of-control storage growth
- Keen to slash storage management costs by as much as 90 per cent

The evening will feature a lively talk from Tim Pitcher of HP as well as a no-holds barred Q&A chaired by CBR editor Jason Stamper.

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