From Data Centre to "information Centre"

You are invited to an exquisite private dining evening at Stock, Manchaster. This restaurant has rapidly become one of the cities premier eateries.

Date: 27th Jul 2011

Venue: Stock Restaurant, Manchester

In today's business environment, data must drive strategic decisions. That means being able to provide executives with access to the right information at all times, enabling them to make choices that will propel business, improve revenue streams and foster growth. Yet too many data centres lack the agility and scalability to cope with the latest demands on information: they have remained data centres instead of becoming 'information centres'.

Attend this CBR Dining Club to understand five ways in which enterprise storage platforms can help transform the data centre into a true 'information centre'. After all, at the heart of the progressive data centre is an information platform that stores all of an organisation's data-both structured and unstructured-and adapts to changing performance and capacity needs while simplifying multiplatform management. So what are the steps on the road to an 'information centre'?

So come along to this Dining Club and learn how your organisation can transition this crucial asset into a Dynamic Data Centre.

All in all, an event surely not to be missed

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