Executive Dinner: Life Science - Is cloud computing the future?

Les Trois Rois, one of Europe's oldest and most elegant hotels. In the heart of Basel, and on the banks of the Rhine, come and enjoy some of the finest cuisine in Europe.

Date: 30th Jun 2011

Venue: Les Trois Rois, Basel

In today's uncertain world the challenges senior executives face in the pharma industry are more intense than ever: achieving cost leadership whilst operating globally; ensuring operational predictability and managing risk; innovating and reducing time to market. Many are interested in the potential for cloud services to help, but the simple reality is they need to deliver best value for money, prepare for the future and indeed maximise their existing investments. Of course minimising risk and improving patient care and well-being are still paramount.

We shall:
- Discuss what organisations have to do to make cloud solutions work for them.

- Look to go beyond the hype to explore how cloud can address these challenges and really help organisations in the pharma industry.

- Also look beyond talk of point solutions to address real-world situations involving legacy investments and integration.

- Look at why organisations should focus on benefits of cloud services and how it can drive organisational performance for the pharmaceutical industry.

who should attend:
- Those investigating 'cloud services'

- Those seeking to improve operational efficiency and collaboration

- Senior R&D and IT professionals

All in all, an event not to be missed.

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