Avoiding the network barriers to cloud: a CBR Dining Club

You are invited to Quo Vadis in the heart of London's Soho, on the evening of September 28th, for a complimentary evening of fine wine, cuisine and discussion. This renowned restaurant's fabulous decor is matched by its menu, voted one of the best in London featuring classic British food.

Date: 28th Sep 2011

Venue: Quo Vadis, London

The discussion:

While many firms are excited at the prospect of cloud computing, they know that their existing investments in networks, systems and applications are not easy to transition to the era of cloud computing.

Concerns around cloud tend to focus on performance, security and integration with on-premise IT. But attend this event to hear how firms can effectively develop a private, public or hybrid cloud thanks to the benefits of technologies such as Wide Area Network (WAN) optimisation.

Topics for discussion include:

- What new pressures will cloud computing put on enterprise networks?

- How should networks adapt to increasingly virtualised IT?

- What does the consumerisation of IT - such as the influx of smartphones and tablets - mean for corporate network bandwidth, security and reliability?

- What are the benefits of WAN optimisation in an increasingly 'cloudy' and virtual IT infrastructure?

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