Harnessing the power of flexible working

We invite you to spend an evening with us at the exceptional Great John Street Hotel. This award-winning venue will provide a great backdrop for a fantastic evening of fine dining, debate and networking.

Date: 19th Oct 2011

Venue: Great John Street Hotel

There are numerous benefits of allowing or indeed encouraging a culture of flexible working, but what are the real implications for your organisation? There may well be benefits such as enhanced business continuity, reduced office space and more productive and motivated staff, but what are the potential stumbling blocks and how can they best be overcome?

Attend this CBR Dining Club to hear about the pros and cons of flexible working from an independent analyst, as well as from O2: O2 used its own expertise to adopt flexible working across the board, and can share the upsides and risks it encountered along the way.

Study after study has shown that flexible working can enhance morale and actually improve productivity. It can save on various office-based costs and even has an important side-benefit should disaster strike: more firms affected by the Buncefield Oil Depot fire that had adopted flexible working saw 'business as usual' than those that had not, for example.

But there are a number of risks too, so attend this Dining Club to see if flexible working might be the right approach for your organisation, and what it should be aware of if it is planning to adopt this innovative strategy. As always, there will be plenty of time to share experiences with your peers and have your questions answered, all over a sumptuous meal.

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