Big data - a big problem or an even bigger opportunity?

Date: 7th Dec 2010

Venue: Rhodes 24, London

We would like to invite you to the next CBR Dining Club at Rhodes Twenty Four; located on the 24th floor of one of London's most distinguished landmarks, Tower 42. Rhodes Twenty Four is a sophisticated venue offering the best dining experience since opening in 2003 and wining its first of three Michelin Stars in 2004

Attend this free CBR Dining Club to better understand one of the industry's hottest topics today: big data.

While most companies have grappled with large data sets for many years, the 'big data' trend is all about maximizing the value of larger data sets, that need more responsive and flexible analysis than more traditional business intelligence tools have historically allowed.

As well as attempting to pin down just what big data means to the typical enterprise, this CBR Dining Club will look at the challenges that big data presents. It will also consider the opportunities that can come from an effective approach to big data, and that means thinking not just about business intelligence software but more seamless integration between software, middleware, servers and storage.

The event will look also at the role of big data in broader service oriented architecture (SOA) plans and ask how big data can most effectively be harnessed to drive real business benefits in the enterprise, potentially helping to drive top line business growth.

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