Bringing structure to the unstructured: a CBR Dining Club

Date: 1st Dec 2011

Venue: Goring Hotel, London

You are invited to an evening of fine food and debate at the quintessentially English Goring Hotel. Set in Belgravia this fine venue has been catering for the countries elite since 1910.

As unstructured data continues to grow faster than IT budgets, organisations are looking for ways to get more value out of their storage. This Dining Club will look at the impact of the changing mix of structured and unstructured data in the typical enterprise, and look at some of the best practices and technologies that can help firms to adapt effectively.

Unstructured data is growing far faster than structured data, putting increased strain on the IT infrastructure. Older storage technology may not be ideally suited to changing workloads, while the IT department must also grapple with increased complexity in the era of trends such as virtualisation and private cloud computing.

Join us at this event to hear about some practical solutions to these very challenges, and understand how a step-change can be achieved to a more flexible storage architecture rather than simply continually deploying more capacity and complexity.

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