Are you ready for the 'consumerisation' of IT?

Date: 23rd Nov 2011

Venue: Marco Pierre White's L'Escargot

The 'consumerisation' of IT does not just describe the increasing trend for employees to bring their own devices into the enterprise. It also refers for the need to offer staff collaboration and other services that are on a par with what they have come to expect from consumer services, from Facebook to Twitter.

More and more staff are joining the BYOD ranks - Bring Your Own Device - as companies begin to realise that giving enterprise users the sort of tools and services that they prefer has the potential to boost productivity and morale, as well as giving the IT department and end users clearer boundaries about what is, and is not allowed.

But there are potential pitfalls, too. Most companies will want to decide exactly what they allow, from choice of hardware to the flexibility and degree of data access. The 'consumerisation' of IT will require new, clear and well-communicated policies, a thorough look at the security infrastructure - especially in the mobile space - and careful monitoring and management if it is to be a success, and not simply open the enterprise up to accidental or deliberate data loss.

Attend this CBR Dining Club to better understand this latest trend, and hear about the best practices and technologies that can help to make it a success for your company.

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