CBR Dining Club: Making big data a small challenge

CBR is pleased to announce another of our exclusive private dining events in association with our partner for the evening, Hitachi Data Systems.

Date: 8th Feb 2012

Venue: The Scotsman, Edinburgh

The Scotsman Hotel resides within the former Scotsman Newspaper building. Originally built in 1905, this majestic building was designed to dominate the Edinburgh skyline and features incredible views of the city's most famous landmarks. In 2001 the building was transformed into The Scotsman Hotel with careful attention towards preserving the magnificent Italian marble staircase, stunning oak panelling, imposing marble pillars and ornate ceilings.

Please join us within these stunning surroundings for an evening of excellent food and debate whilst networking with your peers

'Big data' is the latest buzz in information management, referring to the increasingly large amounts of data being stored by enterprises but that is still in need of analysis, management and sharing. However, for many companies it is not only these very large datasets that are a challenge - it is also the large number of smaller, disparate pools of information, both structured and unstructured.

This CBR Dining Club will look at the information management technologies and processes that can help to give your organisation the best possible platform to cope with the burgeoning information demands of the business. So whether you are planning for 'big data' or are simply looking for more efficient and dynamic data management technologies, this CBR Dining Club should answer your questions and offer food for thought from several experts, as well as your industry peers.

So don't miss this opportunity to better understand whether the buzz around 'big data' is justified, and even if it is not, how best to prepare for what is surely a new era for business information.

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