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CBR Version Management Dining Club

Date: 18th Apr 2012

Venue: Greig's - Mayfair - London

Version management is a constant headache in many organisations. Whether it's versioning of web content, software development projects and architecture, or supporting collaboration amongst teams, version control is a thorny issue for companies large and small.

However version management is not purely an IT issue. For all parts of the business, the variety of digital assets that need to be managed is growing and the volume of data and files being generated is going through the roof. Against this backdrop every business needs a reliable version management system for improved collaboration, efficiency, IP protection and auditing. Poor version management costs time and money, good version management encourages collaboration and productivity.

Attend this CBR Dining Club in order to fully understand the latest challenges in versioning and collaboration in typical organisations - both from an IT and a business perspective; and hear about the latest technologies and approaches to version control that can lead to enhanced productivity and ROI amongst all stakeholders.

Don't miss this unique CBR event, which is free to attend for qualifying IT decision-makers.


- Maximizing Business Efficiency
- CIC Profile: Perforce

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