CBR Extended-Enterprise Collaboration Dining Club

Date: 20th Jun 2012

Venue: Goring Hotel, London, England

You are invited to an evening of fine food and debate at the quintessentially English Goring Hotel. Set in Belgravia this fine venue has been catering for the countries elite since 1910 and will be the setting for this CBR Dining Club, hosted in association with Intralinks

There are a number of market drivers for what some are calling the 'extended enterprise'. Data, and the need for it to be shared securely and efficiently, is growing exponentially. The consumerisation of IT - with the likes of smartphones and tablets invading the enterprise - means secure collaboration is more important than ever. Add to those the need for the CIO to act as a driver for growth in the company and the rising complexity and demands of the regulatory environment, and you have the 'extended enterprise'.

But how to maintain control, and offer secure messaging and collaboration outside of the firewall? Consumer-grade solutions abound, but clearly lack the rights permissions, security and audit trail to make them suitable for most enterprises. Particularly when it comes to confidential, highly sensitive or regulated content.

Attend this CBR Dining Club in order to hear about the latest technologies and approaches that can help your organisation to regain control over its inter-enterprise messaging and collaboration. You'll learn how cloud-based collaboration technologies may actually offer the security and auditability often lacking in consumer-grade, on-premise systems, and how to build the business case for secure, inter-enterprise content management and collaboration.

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