User Experience Management Dining Club

Date: 21st Jun 2012

Venue: The Gore Hotel

A quintessentially British setting, just a glance from Hyde Park is the Tapestry Room of The Gore Hotel. Offering luxury and undeniable character in equal measure since 1892, the Gore has been one of the capital's truly great hotels and is the backdrop to this CBR Dining Club

Regardless of your industry, the end user experience of your website and web applications is more critical than ever. From the consumer world of tablets and mobile devices, to the enterprise world adopting cloud and the 'consumerisation of IT', users have increasingly high expectations.

Recent research1, for example, found that of 2,000 tablet users, 46% said that just a single bad website experience will drive them to competing websites, while 33% are less likely to purchase from that company. For internal users, a poor user experience hampers productivity, damages morale and leads to time-consuming calls to the help desk.

Yet for many companies, the first they know of a poor user experience is when the customer or employee complains, by which time the damage is often done. Worse still, some won't even get the opportunity to fix the problem because the customer has quietly turned to a different provider, or the employee doesn't have the time to escalate the issue.

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