Effective Strategies for Managing Global Supply Chain

Tools to manage the regulatory, security, logistics, packaging and cost hurdles in global temperature sensitive shipping

Date: 29th Aug 2013

Venue: Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport, CA

Managing a supply chain in today's complex global marketplace requires an endless series of critical decisions. The increasing complexity of supply chain logistics is affecting the bottom line of companies across the industry, with global supply chain spending growing 12-15% every single year. Many companies are unaware of just how much supply chain logistics costs them in both time and money.

Supply chain logistics has never been more complex than it is right now, and with more sites and more markets opening up daily, they will only grow more complex. There are more clinical trials starting than ever before, and these clinical trials involve more patients and last longer than earlier trials. Many of the complex compounds used in these trials are time-sensitive and temperature sensitive drugs that demand strict cold chain management. With the rise of bio-markers as the preferred measure of efficacy, samples represent critical endpoints of a clinical trial, and any mishandling could harm the integrity of the trial results.

2:30Welcome and Introduction - Ariette Van Strien, Senior Vice President Commercial Operations, MARKEN
2:45How to Map your Supply chain, How to Detect Pitfalls and Make Remediation Plans Hedley Rees, Managing Consultant for Biotech PharmaFlow and expert in Lean Thinking and Production Systems
             � Learn the fundamentals of mapping the end-to-end supply chain to Lean principles.
             � Experience a structured method for detecting the many pitfalls across regulatory compliance, security of supply, quality and cost exposure
             � Hear how to define a robust, future state supply chain, and ensure pitfalls are addressed and remediated.
                   º Learn how to develop and implement an agenda for improvement and sustainable change
                   º Step through a real world case study based on a billion dollar drug making a successful transition from the clinic to commercial launch.
3:30Overcoming the Hurdles of Supply Chain Logistics Dan Bell, Director Commercial Operations & Regulatory Compliance, MARKEN
4:15Discussion and Roundtable Comments
4:4515 minute break
5:00Roundtable discussion continued, Q & A
5:30Networking reception

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