How to align Finance and IT for future growth?

The Top questions the CFO must ask the CIO

Date: 22nd Nov 2012

Venue: Haus Zum Ruden, Zurich, Switzerland

You are invited to an exquisite private dining evening at the Haus zum Ruden with fantastic cuisine and Wine's from around the world.

Within an uncertain economy and unstable markets the role of the CFO as key business partner is getting more demanding. Understanding how to align Finance and IT is key. As a critical enabler for key business processes IT is often a competitive differentiator for business success. At the same time, IT is a significant cost to the business as well.

Considering the present turbulent times, CFOs need to ensure IT is being leveraged fully for improving corporate performance, responding rapidly to constantly changing market conditions and at the same time, reduce IT expenditure.

Furthermore we have the pleasure to introduce Prof. Jochen Rädeker, President ADC and the first Professor in the German speaking area focusing on value-based management and sustainable communication. Even in this turbulent times, Annual Reports can and should be both image- and financial market-oriented, cover all aspects of professional financial communication and have a positive impact on a company image.

Attend this Dining Club event not only to enjoy a sumptuous meal and a valuable opportunity to network with your peers, but also find out which questions to ask to promote a strategic dialogue between CFOs and CIOs and how to provide quality- and value-oriented financial communication.

Attendees will learn how to:

- Promote a strategic dialogue between Finance and IT

- Use new Trends in IT and for the benefit of the Finance organization

- Reduce IT spend while increasing business performance

- Use professional financial communication to positively impact company image

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