Recovering R&D Productivity: are we headed towards a post-patent cliff?

Date: 14th Mar 2013

Venue: Taillevent, Paris

You are invited to an exquisite Private Dining Club at Taillevent. A classical 2 star Michelin restaurant located off the Champs-Elysees. Open since 1946 and maintaining the highest standards in elegant dining.

An explosion in post-genome Life Science and Technology innovation sustains many new leads in inflammation, oncology, neurology, metabolism, etc. Biological and 'omics' targets are in abundance. In addition, Large Pharma has now fully embraced the biotech novelty, with more opportunities for innovation... small- and mid-size biotech firms have increasingly tied the knot with pharma partners.

On the other hand, cost of R&D, measured by number of new FDA/EMA-approved drugs is ever increasing.
However In 2012, for the first time in over a decade, FDA has approved more new products than the year before.

Is this likely to be a good starting point for a new rally in drug development for the years to come?

Assuming R&D budgets can no longer increase, can we reasonably assume that R&D productivity is bound to increase significantly?

The presentation will discuss approaches to improved productivity at molecule and portfolio levels, as well as collaborative, pre-competitive R&D models that have recently emerged.

Also of interest is how innovation is gradually evolving to take stock of what markets and payors are ready to accept and fund, and how the tough Market Access barriers are impacting R&D directions in terms of diseases, unmet medical needs, pharmaceutical formulations, or product-related services, be they companion diagnostics or imaging tools.

Finally, a few comments will be made as to new financing solutions for expensive R&D forays into high profile diseases, where private and public interests may converge, such as obesity or Alzheimer's disease.

Speaker Claude has over 30 years of pharmaceuticals industry and management consulting experience in Europe and North America, and has held several corporate and operational finance and marketing positions.

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