New modus operandi? A CBR staff productivity Dining Club

Date: 21st Nov 2013

Venue: Duke's Hotel, London

Famed as the hotel where Ian Fleming wrote his famous novels, this is an opportunity not to miss.

007's creator may no longer prop up the bar, but the Dukes hotel is still a star-studded icon in the heart of Mayfair. It is truly a setting that cannot be beaten for a unique British atmosphere and sumptuousity that will thrill your every bone.

There are a number of megatrends impacting the business: social, mobile, cloud and Big Data. But is your organisation geared up to allow staff to make the most of these trends? Are your staff hindered by older technologies or have they been empowered with new tools and new ways of working?

The latest trends have the potential to affect staff productivity and hence business efficiency. Staff today are less likely to be tied to their desks as they are becoming more mobile and expecting to work more flexibly. The tools that they use have changed too, with more and more applications being delivered via the cloud. So what is the best way to bring it all together and make sure staff have the right tools for the job, and are able to collaborate with one another quickly and effectively?

This CBR Dining Club will ask what companies can do to monitor, manage and optimise their staffs digital experience. It will ask how companies can make the best use of mobile and cloud technologies to free staff up and help make them more productive.

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