Converging Infrastructure Dining Club

Date: 29th Jan 2014

Venue: Eight Members Club, 1 Change Alley, London EC3V 3ND

Eight Bank is a Private Members' Club located in the heart of the City of London, situated on Cornhill and opposite The Royal Exchange. Eight provides an exclusive and discreet haven in which members can enjoy the simple pleasures of sublime drinks, great service and good company.

Given the current macro-economic environment, CEOs, CFOs and CIOs are well aware of the need to keep a tight grip on costs, while still attempting to enable agility and efficiency in the organisation. In the IT sphere that's not always an easy challenge, however, as so much of the budget is spent maintaining the status quo.

The Dining Club will ask whether more converged IT infrastructure, which brings together the likes of software, hardware and networking in quick-to-install, pre-integrated configurations, could help companies to get beyond traditional bottlenecks. Likely to be of interest to all three job titles - CEO, CFO and CIO - the discussion will centre on how companies can enable IT to be more responsive in the needs of the business, without breaking the bank. As always, there will be plenty of the time to discuss the topic with an expert and your peers, and all over a sumptuous dinner.

We invite you to join us in an evening of sublime food, great networking and intriguing discussion. For more information please contact Jenell Rogers on:

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