IT as Change Agent

Date: 2nd Apr 2014

Venue: Quo Vadis, 26-29 Dean St, London W1D 3LL

Join us for an evening of fine dining and excellence at the restaurant that's got the foodies in a froth this week. Quo Vadis; a beauteous Soho establishment that has passed through various stellar owners over the years. It's now in the care of Sam and Eddie Hart, whose Fino and Barrafina are brilliant and unfussy.

No longer a cost centre characterised by a remit to do more for less, the IT department has evolved into a driver of business innovation and growth. It has become a change agent. At the heart of that transition has been an understanding that organisations should outsource commodity and complexity where they can, leaving the in-house team to develop applications, systems and processes that can really transform the business.

At this CBR Dining Club, in association with CenturyLink, you'll hear the story of how one major company combined colocation and managed web hosting with dedicated cloud to dramatically change the way it delivers products to its customers. The result? Faster execution, an improved user experience and cost effectiveness.

Join us for an evening of engaging talks, lively discussion and valuable networking.

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