Data storage in a virtual world: CBR Dining Club

Date: 4th Jun 2014

Venue: Claridge's, 49 Brook St, London W1K 4HR

It started life as a single house, but Claridge's was soon transformed into an art decor masterpiece favoured by royalty and the most distinguished figures of every generation. Join us on 4th June for a fabulous evening of great networking and superb food and wine.

Many organisations are struggling to keep a lid on their storage infrastructure costs and complexity. The reasons are numerous: legacy equipment that can't keep up with the latest demands of the business; rapidly-expanding data volumes or just increasing complexity ushered in by virtual infrastructure.

At the same time, the business and the regulators demand ever-higher levels of data security, protection and audibility.

This Dining Club will look at the latest challenges in the storage infrastructure space, and ask how companies can better deal with growing storage volumes, shrink their backup windows and even reduce total capacities - all without breaking the bank.

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