Mobile Banking – Transforming the Retail Banking Landscape of Today – Discuss one of the major implications at this CBR dining club.

Date: 25th Sep 2013

Venue: Hyatt Andaz Hotel, 40 Liverpool St, London EC2M 7QN

The Temple Room at Liverpool street's Hyatt Andaz Hotel ensures an evening like no other. This imposing Grade 1-listed room dates back to the original construction of the hotel when this room was used exclusively by Freemasons of the City

Within 3 years the British Bankers Association estimates that 60% of all banking transactions will be done on smart phones or tablets.

Today only 16% of people have never used online or mobile banking

And in 2013 the number of people using mobile banking doubled every week to reach over 18.6 million by the year’s end.

UK retail banks are investing millions of pounds in bringing innovation in their banking apps, to making them easier to use and better performing and to bringing those apps to market faster. This is all great news for the consumer, or so you would believe, however there is a reoccurring phenomenon that puts at risk these aggressive advances in adoption and could serious impact on customer experience.

The issue for financial service providers is one of Application Performance Management.

This CBR Dining Club in association with Compuware will explore the key issues in vital area.

Poor customer experience at time of greatest demand – think payday and increased application activity driven traffic spikes - can have lasting damage on customer relationships.

But Applications Performance Monitoring can now move beyond the back office to the user – and can identify the source of application performance issues from a user perspective before they impact experience or system response times.

Given the multi platform and multi device nature of today’s banking this is a growing enterprise issue.

The fact that these problems keep occurring shows it isn’t an isolated problem, but what’s the reason, and why isn’t anything being done?

Join this CBR Dining Club event to network with your peers and discuss how application performance management issues can be addressed before they cause a crisis.

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