Data mobility for the new era of business: CBR Dining Club

Date: 5th Feb 2015

Venue: The Stafford Hotel, 16-18 St. James's Place, London, SW1A 1NJ

Famed for having the Capital's most incredible 'American Bar', a haunt of the stars yesterday, today and tomorrow, the Stafford Hotel delivers a quite astounding setting for this Dining Club. In the heart of St. James it's welcoming Edwardian warmth and exceptional service will provide the perfect backdrop for what we anticipate will be a truly unique evening.

There is no business which operates a single cloud. But do you risk being trapped into a new set of cloud based data silos?
Is it even possible to deliver multi-level cloud capabilities across public, hybrid and private clouds to the business without creating data silos?
Data silos have always been the ‘sand in the gear box’ of business.
And delivering cloud based data for mobile business means starting at the basics.
Can you truly integrate data across different cloud platforms?

Join this CBR dining club in association with HDS to discuss with experts and peers just how production workloads in the cloud will need to be managed.

For more information please contact Jenell Rogers on:

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