Targeted Cyber Attack Kills Successful Business

Date: 16th Apr 2015

Venue: Malmaison, Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 3AQ

Malmaison Manchester was one of the first boutique hotels to open up in the city. Transformed from an elegant 19th century warehouse, it is one of the most stylish hotels in Manchester city centre.

Targeted cyber attacks have shifted the security landscape meaning a headline like the one above would no longer be shocking.

Almost daily reports reveal that threats are evolving and the risks are escalating.

Cyber criminals have moved far beyond probing around the network edge looking for vulnerabilities in the hope of getting lucky. Today’s sophisticated criminals are strategic. They are using complex attacks to get inside your network and once in, they know how to stay hidden and will often extract the data they are looking for undetected.

Network edge defences remain important but if your organisation is targeted there is no guaranteed way to keep dedicated and resourceful cyber criminals out of your network. Without a doubt, looking for malicious activity inside the network is now just as important as securing the perimeter.

Technologies, supported by policies and procedures will determine whether your business makes the headlines.

In association with Trend Micro, CBR is delighted to host this special CBR Dining Club on the sophisticated cyber threats of today.

You are invited to join guest speaker Raimund Genes, Global Chief Technology Officer at Trend Micro who will provide insight into recent attacks, where companies are leaving themselves exposed and what can be done to reduce the risk.

This vital business issue will be explored in depth by an audience of senior IT security and business experts from one of the world’s top security companies. It is not to be missed.

Who should attend;

Head of Security
Risk Officer
IT Risk

For more information please contact Georgia Foley at:

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