What are the realities of data retention in a cloud-enabled Big Data World?

Date: 14th Apr 2015

Venue: City Social, 24th Floor, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HQ

Drink, dine and discuss one of the hottest topics in the industry while admiring the skyline from one of the hottest restaurants in London.

Delivering the most efficient data management

Today’s data lifecycle requirements mean provisioning the correct storage technology solutions to match data value, access frequency and data criticality. Data workflows require a deep understanding of the data journey from generation through primary to back up to archive and ultimately long term storage. This means deploying a fully integrated storage infrastructure across tape, disc, virtual and cloud platforms.

This CBR dining club in association with Quantum is an opportunity to identify real savings and de-risking your data storage strategy. Discuss with the experts and share experience with your peers at this exclusive event covering:

• All data has value. But data value shifts rapidly over time.
• Data storage is no longer about addressing simple capacity requirements.
• What are the realities of data retention in a cloud-enabled Big Data World
• At today’s data volumes a price per gigabyte approach is not cost efficient.

The rules have changed. A data storage strategy must cope with Petabytes of structured and unstructured data. A portfolio of services and technologies de-duplicate data, to provide stable back up and robust disaster recovery across multiple sites and cloud platforms is the only way to address the issue of scale.

Who should attend;

IT Managers/Directors
Heads of IT

For more information please contact Aneta Manningtonova at: aneta.manningtonova@industryreview.com

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