The Realities of the Hybrid Enterprise

A strategic discussion about multiple clouds, multiple data centres and a Tsunami of access points

Date: 21st Oct 2015

Venue: Cabinet War Rooms, Clive Steps, King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AQ

Where are your applications? What directs your choice of platform for different applications? Who has access? Who has control? Who takes responsibility for performance, security and compliance?

Cloud models and user expectations have matured in parallel. Initial cloud adoption was marred by inflexible contracts, stiff SLAs (where they existed) poor performance and lock in. The models have become more complex in response to demands for agility spanning on premise, private and hybrid cloud to workloads out on the public cloud. Workloads move across different clouds, premises, data centres and locations. All IT is hybrid from the data centre to the cloud and across the network.

The business drivers are clear: Downward cost pressure, line of business demands for greater flexibility, pushing applications out of the data centre and closer to the user, expectations of consumer type experience are just a few.
The demands on IT are to provide successful management of multiple platforms.

How can IT retain control of applications?
How to address security?
What can we expect from the next round of cloud.
What do the models look like?
Who controls the network?

This strategic discussion will begin with a panel debate with industry experts and market analysts. This will be followed by peer to peer discussions which drill down into the realities of cloud adoption experiences around security, access, control and responsibility. CBR is delighted to present a Dining Club experience on The Realities of the Hybrid Enterprise with our partner Riverbed.

Join us at the iconic Cabinet War Rooms in Whitehall and spend an evening with your fellow CIOs and IT directors to share and learn about cloud strategy drivers and technical considerations of today’s hybrid enterprise.

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