New Approaches to Leveraging Big Data in Life Sciences

How Organizations Can Benefit from Enabling Technologies in Life Sciences Analytics

Date: 9th Mar 2016

Venue: The Liberty Hotel, 215 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114, USA

Like all large and technology-powered organizations, healthcare, pharma and biotech companies are challenged with a data deluge that offers both promise and challenge. To harness the potential of this wealth of information, organizations must find ways to drive practical insights and actionable knowledge from data – which essentially boils down to knowing the right questions to ask and, where you don’t know the right questions, having the data lead you.

With the advent of technologies like Hadoop, Spark, & Graph organizations can better process and analyze data – but they need powerful, scalable and (equally important) usable systems to do so.

Join us at this quintessentially Boston venue to learn how to advance your organization’s data analytics capabilities. At this event, speakers from Intel and Cray will explain how data analytics can directly benefit the operations of life sciences research organizations, with real-world examples and success stories. Speakers will also share implementation tips and insights, with a roadmap for how to get started.

Topics include a business-oriented, plain language discussion of how to leverage Hadoop, Spark and Cray’s massively-scalable, industry-leading Aries Interconnect & graph analytics to accelerate your science. Speakers will also address big data best practices, implementation do’s and don’ts, and an exclusive look at new Analytics directions for Cray in 2016. Participants will have a unique chance to tap industry experts for advice about pitfalls to avoid on the road to next-generation data analytics, and will leave with a practical set of next steps for testing and implementing solutions quickly within their organizations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with subject matter experts who understand how to approach these challenges - and gain valuable insights and tools for improving your organization’s data analytics capabilities.

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