Data Centre and Digital Disruption

You face unprecedented change…

Date: 9th Feb 2016

Venue: L'Ecrivain, 109a Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland

The CBR Dining Club comes to Dublin and the Michelin starred restaurant of celebrity chef Derry Clarke. With the finest in Irish and French cooking, an exceptional setting for what will be a great evening of debate and discussion.

2016 will see the inflection point of converged technologies pushing enterprise IT into uncharted waters.

Disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things and sensor data will drive up even further the volumes of data to stored, managed and backed up. Using third party cloud provision for critical applications will change the storage landscape and make it more complex.

This Dining Club will take you through the challenges that will change the IT landscape.

Harry Zimmer, senior director, global competitive and market intelligence at HDS is no doubt one of the top specialists in the industry to give neutral analytic views on IT market trends reflecting competitive landscape.

He will discuss:

• Is a Major Industry Restructuring Underway?

• Internet of Things (IoT) - how soon it will affect every operation?

• IT Procurement in a Cloud Universe “Why Cloud - Yes/No Decision” is morphing into “How Cloud: Public or Private mix”

• Software Defined Data Center and the need for agile infra

• Data Security/Protection

• Converged Infrastructure

• Open discussions

Harry meets annually more than 100 IT industry leaders and visionaries. Sessions with Harry are interactive with an open two way discussion without sales pitch and marketing promotions.

Whether you are responsible for the task of archiving data or developing a strategy for your business to cope with digital disruption and business transformation the impact of the variety of technologies that will impact how business works can appear overwhelming.

CIOs and senior IT professionals must address issues as diverse as mining big data or developing software defined data centre strategies.

Whatever your business does and whatever your responsibilities within IT, you will face unprecedented change in 2016.

All of this within the context of an exquisite Private Dining setting, great debate with your peers and a fantastic networking opportunity makes this a unique date for your diary.

It is a must for those tackling 2016’s critical IT requirements for their organisations.

We look forward to welcoming you, just register here...

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