The time for enterprises to find real business value from data is now

How much data held by the business holds value for the enterprise?

Date: 10th Feb 2016

Venue: The Ivy, 1-5 West Street, London, WC2H 9NQ

Data storage is about archive, back up, recovery and its related access, performance, reliability and security issues and their associated costs.

In a world of vast data pools it is equally about classification, veracity, interrogation, analysis and business intelligence.

So why are we not doing it right?

The time has come to drive real value from data.

How many companies are still making decisions based on little or no data or the wrong data?

In a major survey conducted on behalf of Pure Storage over half the organisations questioned in the UK, France and Germany admitted to missing a business opportunity because they lacked timely, accurate information.

There are barriers to overcome and very few are technical. Cultural, regulatory and internal politics is stopping organisations taking advantage of the data they are collecting and storing.

This is creating opportunity for progressive IT departments to bring real value to the business.

Analytics will play a growing role as having the right information available to the right people will lead to better strategies and happier employees and engaged business stakeholders.

Companies are storing ever greater data volumes. Terabytes are commonplace, hundreds of petabytes becoming the norm and while we’re not ready for Exabyte computing the question that must start to be addressed is:

What is the value of the data held by the organisation?

On top of growing enterprise data volumes, today mobile, cloud, web and social business practices are forcing organisations to collect and store huge amounts of useless data. This is being done on the basis that it is the lowest risk approach. But what is stopping organisations truly finding the value in their data?

Simply knowing that value exists in the data is not the same as building a strategy to mine the data and extract business value.

In what promises to be a lively, fully engaged and interactive evening this is your chance to
join us for this CBR Dining Club with storage pioneers Pure Storage.

Hear from Pure Storage how the failure of organisations to economically store data and access it in a timely and accurate manner can seriously impact the business. Gain insight from Pure’s major pan-European research project which found gaps in everything from data collection to analysis and hear how these can be addressed.

Network, share, learn and hear from your peers how data policies are changing and where problems have been identified and solutions and successes found.

Your business cannot afford not to exploit its data.

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